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Reviews of the EDE Experience

Laurel DiGangi

I am thrilled to have my story included in Eat, Darling, Eat. Aimee is an excellent editor and a joy to work with. She handled my work and photographs with care and sensitivity, respectful to the memory of my mother and both my grandmothers. Food and cooking was so essential to women of my mother's and grandmothers' generations, and it's heartwarming to see their "legacy" continue. Today I am happy to eat any Polish food, whether the gołąbki are crispy or sauced. It's in my DNA.

Claire Acerno

I am beyond thankful to you, really really very grateful. Knowing that part of my mom lives on in the Library of Congress warms my heart. And I love reading the other stories of moms and their daughters. We are so under-recognized in our male-driven society; 'tis a beauteous thing you do.

Sondra Slade

I truly appreciate the honor of writing for you all. It touched my mom and me; we laughed deep within our souls and started more dialogues about life between us.

Tonia Renee Lee 

I am so happy with this. I cried and smiled at the same time. Thanks for letting me be a part of your project.

Carole Priven

You have been so generous and supportive throughout this process.  May your kindness be returned to you 10,000 times.

Jenny Tallent

Thank you. Writing this story, and seeing it posted for my mother’s birthday, was a beautiful, heartwarming way to share her memory.

Lillian Yates Duggan

It's been an honor and a joy to work with Eat, Darling, Eat. I'm grateful for their patience and warmth, and for the chance to be counted among the many great writers who've shared their moving stories here.

Jillian Van Hefty

I am beyond thrilled to be a small patch in your vibrant quilt that covers thousands of people worldwide with warmth, happiness and introspectiveness.

Cindy Young

I'm so happy to have my story added to the delicious Eat, Darling, Eat collection. Food is such an important part of who we are and how we feel. Our sense of taste, along with our sense of smell, can transport us right back into our loved ones’ arms. Thank you for adding all of these stories to your menu for all of us to share.

Ann Stout

I had a great experience writing for Eat, Darling, Eat. Aimee and Steve had great suggestions to sharpen my piece. It even inspired me to update my Facebook page to spread the word about this great publication, which has led to connections with old friends. What else is the point of stories anyway but connection?

Carol Milberger

Thank you for reaching out to new writers and for providing an outlet for the timeless theme of mothers, daughters, and food.

Diane Zinna

I am truly so proud to have my work on your site. My students have been talking about EDE nonstop, and you sent one of them some feedback that sent her over the moon.

Lisa Herman

From initial contact to posting, the experience of Eat, Darling, Eat was delicious. As a writer, I found the feedback gently helpful, encouraging the story to be its best. I am honored to be included in this heartfelt collection.


Nicola MacCallum

a celebration of gender and postmodern identity is all in there

a culturally significant archive of how it feels for mothers and their daughters


Karina Elena

Such a wonderful and thoughtful collection of stories! Contributing to this ledger of recipes has been a wonderful and warm experience, and listening and reading other’s stories has me inspired to bake and yes…Eat, Darling, Eat!


Bonnie Lee Black

Terrific, heartfelt writing, to which we can all relate.


Amy Axler

So far this is the best news during Year Of The Tiger. Thank you for setting the bar high.


Babs Mollere

Memories that engage food shared with people you love are so powerful. Both reading and writing for Eat, Darling, Eat builds bridges to some of my best memories. I'm savoring that on many levels at once and enjoy having common ground with people from everywhere!


Sheila Weller

I love its warm, personal, original stories of the complex relationship of mothers and daughters and food! It's a unique site, filling a niche all its own. I love it!


Maureen Ryan Griffin

You are a joy to work with in every way—the most warm, thoughtful editors/publishers I have ever worked with. I really appreciate everything you’ve done at every step of the process to make this such a warm, celebratory experience.


Meg Currell

The quiet personal stories that run through each of our heads while we make food for our families are given full voice here. It's delightful.


Rachel Oestreicher Bernheim

…you don’t even have to cook to enjoy the stories!


Silvia Koner

What a delicious collection. The stories will resonate with any mother (like me) and any daughter (also me). And zero calories.


Derya Celik

I translated my story to her on my mother's birthday on the phone, and we both cried, and she said it was the best gift she’s ever got.


Kay Douglas

In writing a story for EDE, I found a deeper appreciation for my wonderful Mom.


Christine La Monte

Like great comfort food, EDE warms the soul and satisfies the senses with stories to savor and recipes to cherish. Thank you Master Chefs for baking up such a delicious site - I can never get enough!


Katy Keck

What a gift to walk down memory lane and think about cooking with my Mom. I'm coming up on 40 years without her and it was really wonderful to trace my culinary roots to so many lessons she shared in the kitchen—both life and cooking tips, measured out with love. I always look forward to seeing what stories are recently posted and have sent so many friends there both to read and to share.


Tracy Ann Chapel

I love the interesting stories. We all have mothers, and their love is in the food they make. Usually. Sometimes it's not... and those stories are here too—the sweet and sour, covering all races internationally. Amazing!!


Ann Dunaway

I encourage everyone to take a leap and tell your story.


Lorraine Devon Wilke

Sweet stories, touching memories, FABULOUS recipes are gathered to create a compilation of heart, soul & really good eats! EDE editors' goal—to connect people with love—is met with every story: my beloved grandmother's Greek powdered sugar cookie recipe (Kourambiethes), shared in a story of mine on EDE, was, it turns out, a big hit on a few tables this past holiday. Now, THAT is truly passing on goodwill! ENJOY!


Jas Brecht

A unique site laced with nostalgia, humor, women power, and amazing recipes with lovely backstories! Thank you for inviting me to share mine!


Sue Lange

If you like nostalgia, sentiment, warm fuzzies, moms, daughters, happiness, and FOOD, Eat, Darling, Eat is for you. Great stories. Great writing. Yum!


Linda E. Simon

I love the stories in Eat, Darling, Eat for many reasons: They introduce me to people from all around the world, they're well-written and personal, and they whet my appetite for trying new recipes. Thank you for the opportunity to share the story about my mother.


Laura Davis

What a joy to witness the incredible diversity of mothers and daughters sharing food together. I dove into these stories and got lost for a delicious couple of hours! Yum!


Starr Ridley

This company has developed a great idea that we all can "savor" for days to come! They have been patient and kind as well as generous while working with me to get my story published. Here is your modern day electronic recipe booklet with heartwarming and entertaining stories to go along with it. This is definitely something you can cherish and pass on to future generations. You'd better sign up, or you might miss something mmmmmm, good.


Cathy Alter

The stories found here are about so much more than food. In reading these essays, there is a communion and a recognition that's immediately felt. I hope that my essay brings the same sort of comfort that so many fellow writers have given me.


Melissa Tatiyanna

Eat, Darling, Eat is an opportunity to hear about others. I am proud to be part of this community.


Gabriele Schafer

As a reader of Eat, Darling, Eat, I find it a balm in anxious, divisive times; as one of the writers, it was a touchstone—a reminder of who I am and where I came from. The global truly is local here. A wonderful project!


Annette Foglino

I love reading about and looking at food! And this brings both to a whole new level, weaving in memories and the complex relationship between mother and daughter. I so enjoyed writing about my grandmother—it was a little visit with her in my mind.


Jane Bernstein

Mothers & daughters & food. Is anything more delicious? I love Eat, Darling, Eat.


Katherine B. Weissman



Nancy Roselin

Thank you for the opportunity to remember the wonderful relationship my mom and I had. As we prepared dinner for seven, I learned so much about the difficult childhood she had, but in spite of it, she was a happy, loving person. Every story I read in Eat, Darling, Eat, brings back those special moments and keeps her close. And I do enjoy the great recipes.


Kristina Zalesskaya

Wonderful source of inspiration and recipes from all over the world. Thank you for opportunity to share my story!


Mindel Danielle

It reminds us how central food is in relationships and family—we cry together with it, celebrate together with it, laugh together with it.... I loved writing my piece as it was my way of memorializing my grandmother and honoring my mother. It was also a joy to have my family read and do the same.


Jordan Lyon

If you like honest stories that can make you laugh and cry, and a source for new recipes, this is the site for you.


Kim Marshall

I loved my experience writing for EDE—my really cool and funny mom passed away ten years ago, and writing our story made me feel close to her again and remember how we always found the humor in even the worst meal or experience.  My only regret is that I can't call her up and read the story to her over the phone.

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